Day Eleven

We're nearing the end of our trip and yesterday we made our way back to where we started in Uzbekistan, the city of Tashkent.



Tashkent is only one of two cities in central asia that have a subway and it feels great to be able to get around the city without having to rely on our feet or taxi's.

The subway system was mostly built during Soviet rule and it shows, the stations are all uniquely amazing.

Having emerged from the subway station there was some kind of protest (we think) going on, we observed from a distance and contemplated asking the people to move away from the statue we wanted to take a photo of, but decided otherwise.

It's time for lunch, and besides a subway system it's great to be able to eat something different from Plov and meat on a stick.

After lunch we explored around the city center, wandering past various monuments and parks.

There are a lot of buildings in soviet architecture, which looks awesome.