Day Eight

Our train leaves at 15:50 in the afternoon, which means we have half a day to spend in Bukhara.

We chose to visit a few sites outside the city with a hired driver to fill the time. He'd drop us off at the station at the end of the "tour".

Chor Bakr Necropolis

First up was Chor Bakr Necropolis, the burial place of "Abu-Bakr-Said", one of the descendants of Muhammad.

When we were wandering around a man approached us and asked if we would like to climb the mosque to get a better view, for just 10.000 SOM per person. We thought sure, why not and were guided to a staircase and told to have fun. We could walk around everywhere, even up to the edge on the roof.

Sitori-i-Mokhi Khosa Palace

Next up was "Sitori-i-Mokhi Khosa palace", the summer palace of palace of the Amir of Bukhara.

Baha-ud-din Naqshband Bokhari Memorial Complex

Finally we went to "Baha-ud-din Naqshband Bokhari Memorial Complex". He was the founder of what would become one of the largest Sufi Muslim orders, the Naqshbandi.

A curious man wanted to see what I was taking photo's of.


Near the station was an old palace, build for a king that never moved in so it was repurposed as a train station.

It's surrounded by the obligatory Soviet era fun-fare. The Bukhara-1 train station is not actually located in Bukhara, but in a town near the city called Kogon.

Bukhara-2 is a train station that is located in the city, but is freight only.

After a late lunch we boarded our high-speed train to Samarkand.