Day Nine

The hotel is located "near" one of the attractions, and with near I mean, right next to it, this will be easy when we visit it tomorrow.

After a delicious breakfast it's time to go outside where, unfortunately, it was raining, as is predicted for most of the day. We decide to try and do some "indoor" things today. The closest "indoor" thing is the Observatory, which is about 4 kilometers away.

There's not a whole lot to see along the way, except for a few lost Russians.

Observatory of Ulugbek, Samarkand]

Ulugbek or "Ulugh Beg" was a Timurid Sultan as well as an astronomer and mathematician. He built the observatory between 1424 and 1429. At the time it was the biggest observatory in Asia.

Lunch was a soup called Laksan (noodle) and it was delicious with the Uzbeki bread.

The rest of the day was spent wandering around the city with no clear goal, tomorrow when the weather is better we'll visit all the sites.

As the evening set in we headed back to the hotel for a nice cold beer and dinner.