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    Handle trailing slashes for Axum routes

    A personal API part 2, restructuring

    A personal API 

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    Tailwind CLI with Yew and Trunk

    Serving static CORS JSON with Caddy

    Switching to Svelte

    Remote uploads with pre-signed URLs on Scaleway's object storage

    Upload a file to an AWS pre-signed S3 url with RestClient

    Publish articles from iA Writer to your static site

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    Kafka and Ruby, a Sidekiq lovestory

    Using MailGun Europe with Rails’s ActionMailer

    Automatically water your plants with this 3d-printed system

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    Identifying and Resolving a Kafka Issue With AppSignal

    Extending Protobuf with Traits in Rust

    Resize images from s3 with AWS Lambda and Rust

    Creating a small Stimulus.js app to handle Markdown Images

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    Monitoring MongoDB Replicaset Lag with AppSignal

    Blog update: from dynamic app to a static site

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    Don't be mean: Statistical means and percentiles 101

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    The innards of a RubyGem

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    Custom Exceptions in Ruby

    Apollo Query Batching and graphql-ruby

    Fixing Sony RX100 "Turn camera off then on" message

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    Track cache hits with custom metrics

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    Monitor MongoDB (query) load with Custom Metrics

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    Upgrading to Mongoid 5 / mongo-ruby-driver

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    Consistent API's

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    Vastly improve performance for MongoDB, Mongoid and Sidekiq

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    Realtime graphs from MongoDB with aggregations

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    Taming our MongoDB database size

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    A quick post about reducing MongoDB queries

    A siri proxy plugin

    How to control an RC car with an arduino