Day one - seven

We flew from Schiphol Airport (AMS) to Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) in New Jersey. We had an airbnb on the Jersey side of the Hudson river, and we hopped the hudson every day with the PATH subway.

No friends with uncles that could get us cheap flights this time. It was a trip on a KLM airplane, back in a time where In Flight Entertainment wasn't a given yet. Unfortunately the screen at the bulkhead didn't do us much good either.

New York City

The first few days were spend wandering around New York City, with no clear plan. Just getting good food and enjoying the views.

Top of the Rock

A must-do in New York is Top of the Rock. I think it gives a better view of New York than the Chrysler building and the NBC store at the bottom is nice to get some Community swag.

Times Square

Hated by locals, loved by tourists. Still it's fun to visit Times Square every once in a while. Even if it's just to check if the people in Elmo costumes are still there.

Yankee Stadium

At the end of the day we took a subway to Harlem, towards Yankee Stadium. We had no issues figuring out what train to take as the ones heading to the stadium were packed with Yankee fans in full kit.

We enjoyed a nice baseball game with all the traditions such as the Anthem and the games in between rounds, very fun!

New YorkDenver

After the first few days in New York it was time to get the rental car, I believe we picked it up from the Airport, but I can't remember. Anyway it's a nice Nissan SUV with loads of space that would soon be taken up by a giant cooler for drinks, lunch and snacks.

We're not quite sure why but birds seemed to love the front-bumper of this car, shame we were doing 50+ miles an hour when it happened (multiple times!).

It may not be the most interesting part of the country, view wise, but it's nice to do the trip to Denver regardless. Just to get used to the Hotel/Motel/Inn life on the road without the stress of having to be at places on time.