Day Eleven - Twenty

After all the parks it was time for a change of pace. Where last time we only spent a single evening in Las Vegas, we now had slightly longer to explore the city.

Lyxor in Las Vegas

We booked a room in the Luxor Hotel, shaped like a pyramid, which makes for an interesting interior.

View from Luxor in Las Vegas

The room was great and the hotel a nice base to explore the city, which we did without camera's.

Cesars Palace Las Vegas Death Valley Nat. Park sign

Death Valley

After Las Vegas we went on to Death Valley. Where the heat was exceptional. 110F is almost 44 degrees Celsius.

Photo of car radio showing heat of 110F Death Valley Nat. Park
To the bottom of Death Valley Nat. Park Bottom of Death Valley Nat. Park

Las Vegas, Death Valley and Yosemite

Where last time we went down to the Mexican border, this time we headed to the coast, slightly above Los Angeles where we rode ATV's through the dunes.

We then made our way up the coast on Highway One, before heading inlands to Yosemite National Park.

From Yosemite we headed back to the coast above San Francisco, where we would eventually end up.

Birds on Highway One

Highway One

Highway one was beautiful, we stopped often to enjoy the views from the road.

Highway One panorama
Bird on Highway One

Yosemite National Park

From Highway One we made our way inland to Yosemite National Park. We didn't get to explore the park much as it was already getting late. We did climb up to the waterfall, which was very nice!.

Panorama of waterfall at Yosemite Nat. Park

San Francisco

The last few days were spent in San Francisco, exploring Alcatraz and doing all the touristy things.

Golden Gate Bridge at San Francisco

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