Day twenty - twenty-eight

The road down to San Francisco was mostly spent doing things instead of watching scenic views, so the amount of photo's taken dropped to near-zero. Below is the rest of the trip condensed into one post.

San FranciscoPortland

We started in Portland and drove to the coast to drive down local roads instead of taking the highway.

We also visited a wildlife park where you could pet a tiger, it also had Capybara's which are amazing animals. It wasn't like Tiger king, but it wasn't a zoo either.

Other activities included ATV driving and water scooter ...sailing?

Samoa Dunes

We rented a couple of ATV's to drive in the dunes. One of the few places where this is allowed.

Shady business

On the way to San Francisco we stopped to sleep at a Comfort Inn that was just way too shady and not at all Comfort-Inn like. The only place to eat nearby was a run-down Denny's and there were a bunch of women in the lobby that did not dress for a Fancy party ;).

The only reason we booked the hotel was that it was the least worst in the area and had a pool...

Clear lake

We had great fun on the ATV's so we tried the water variant, water scooters. Which went well..

America's Healthiest

San Francisco

After a couple of days and a lot of money lighter we reached San Francisco!


We managed to get one of the last tickets to Alcatraz, we did had to book it including a hop-on-hop-off bus tour, which was actually quite nice!

To Boston

After all these days it was time to head home. Our Comfort Inn was near the San Francisco airport (SFO), so we dropped off our rental car (no damage!) and headed for our plane.

New York

I'm not quite sure how we got from Boston to New York, I assume by plane. The last few days were spent at my buddy's Uncle in Allentown again, where we stocked up on Apple TV's to bring back. And after a few days of relaxing we took our flight home to Amsterdam.