Day eigteen - nineteen

After going to a car museum in Reno (I don't have any photo's from there. I can't remember if it wasn't allowed or I just didn't take any), we headed north towards the northern city of Portland.

View of rural Oregon countryside

Crater lake National Park

About half-way between Reno and Portland lies a beautiful lake called Crater lake. And you guessed it, it's a lake formed from a crater.

From the desert heat in Las Vegas and Death Valley, we went through the beautiful green mountains of Yosemite National Park, only to end up in the snow once again around the lake.

Around the lake are a couple of viewpoints from where you can admire the lake.

Crater lake
Crater lake

There are a ton of squirrels around the viewpoints hunting for that delicious human food.

Crater lake

Oregon mountains

From the lake we made our way up to Portland, where we spend the night.

Mt. Hood Oldtimer


The next day we took a Jetboat from Portland to Willamette Falls that you can recognise from several movies and tv shows. They told us you might get wet and that was no exaggeration, we were soaked after just a few hundred meters. I don't think I brougth a camera that day, so no photos.

The next day we headed to the coast, to find the famous Highway One.

Beach at Oregon

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