Day Four

Yokohama Chinatown

It was supposed to rain a lot today, so we adjusted the goal to just having delicious Chinese food at Chinatown, Yokohama.

Minatomirai, Yokohama

Walking through the station building we came upon an elevator that had an "R" button for "Roof", so we pressed it and went up.

DSC09962 DSC09963

Following our roof adventure we headed towards the Giant ferris weel, where we hoped to get some food. (we did, delicious Chinese food).


Walking back from lunch we passed a huge sailboat and the lady at the cashiers desk waved us in. Today was the ascension of the Emperor of Japan, which meant access was free!

DSC09971 DSC09969

This ship was used by sailors and merchant officers to train life on a ship.

DSC09973 DSC09972

They were restoring/maintaining the ship while we were there.


There was a really nice tour through the entire ship and all signes were in both Japanese and English, it was really well done.

DSC09977 DSC09981
DSC09983 DSC09991
DSC09997 DSC09998

From the ship we walked onwards towards our goal of the day, Chinatown.

Chinatown, Yokohama

DSC00005 DSC00006
DSC00007 DSC00008

The "scaffold curse" strikes again, the main temple was under rennovation.

DSC00011 DSC00018 DSC00021

Dinner was great (Chicken Cashew and beer) and we can call the day a success.