Day Eleven

The final day of this trip has arrived and I had no real plan for today. I jumped on the metro and exited at a random stop in an area I wanted to explore.

The road lead to a market (what else :P) with lots of stalls that sold food and clothes.

Walking through random alleys you encounter some odd tings here and there...

Lin Family Mansion & Garden

Aparently I was close to an attraction called the "Lin Family Mansion & Garden" and after paying a 80TWD entry fee I explored this Mansion and Garden.

It was nice and quiet, away from the busy streets surrounding it.

Aparently this graden is Taiwan's most complete surviving example of traditional Chinese garden architecture.

Once outside again I explored the area some more and headed to the metro to pick another random station and see what's around.

Xianjiyan Trail

What's great about Taipei is that you can buy a delicious milk-tea, climb up some stairs and before you're done with the tea you have great views of the surrounding city while walking in a nicely shaded "forest".

There were lots of people around exercising and enjoying the views of Taipei 101.