Day Three

The day once again started with a delicious breakfast, a little bit less food this time. Then it was a 30-minute drive up the mountains to the center of Madeira, where we found the start of the "Levada do Paul" walk.

The walk isn't that popular, and there were only a few cars at the starting point.

We're not sure why, though, because the views are spectacular. The walk winds around a mountain edge following the Levada. Sometimes the Levada overflows, turning the path into a flooded patch of mud. We took our shoes off, as Onno had a towel and just walked through the Levada, very refreshing.

At about three quarters of the trail we were greeted by an (unexpected) waterfall, where we had our pre-lunch snack.

The three other groups we noticed on the trail all headed back after this waterfall. The remaining quarter follows the same mountainside, so the views wouldn't change after this stop. We decided to do the same and head back to the car.

On the way back we stopped at a little cafetaria for a delicious Fajita lunch, served by a very friendly and happy chef.