Day One

Our flight from Amsterdam to Funchal left at 06:25 in the morning, which means we had to get at the airport at a time no public transportation was running.

We booked a hotel next to the airport so we could at least sleep a bit. We left for the airport at 04:00 in the morning and with exceptionally fast security we were waiting at the gate about an hour later.

The flight took about four hours and when we landed we headed to the rental car pickup point to get our "Renault Megane or equal", this turned out to be a Jeep, but not before getting a delicious egg tart.


From the airport we drove to Funchal, to the "old town" where we wandered around for a place to get lunch.

After lunch we headed to the cable car to get us up to "Monte Palace Madeira"

Monte Palace Madeira

Monte Palace is a botanical garden at the top of the cable car, it's huge and consists of many little trails with interesting sculptures, buildings and vistas.

It doesn't really matter where you look, there's always something interesting to see and everything is covered with beautiful flowers and plants.

With over 10.000 steps in the pocket, and little sleep for the past 24 hours, we headed back down the mountain to get to our hotel.

At the hotel we got a quick dinner and tried to watch "Andor", a Star-Wars themed series, but both fell asleep around 22:00 in the evening for some well-deserved rest.