The morning began with a delicious breakfast, including cake! I then took an Uber to the "North bus station," where I could board a bus bound for Jerash, a city about 45 Kilometers north of Amman.

During the bus ride, I talked with someone from Portugal, and we decided to stick together for the day.



Jerash is considered one of the most important Roman cities in the middle east, and many remains can be found here.

A walk through the area begins at the Hadrianus Triumph Gate, and right behind it, we can find the Hippodrome, which was used for horse races.

After getting to the "real" entrance where police checked our tickets, we visited the temple of Zeus and right next to it a Romain theatre.

They were setting up for a concert, and for the rest of the day, they played Scottish bagpipe music. Talk about setting an ambiance.

Scattered throughout the area, you can find mosaics from Byzantine churches.

This Artemis temple was partially closed off for renovations.

Next were more floor mosaics and another Odeon (Theatre), they must really like their performances!

We reached the end of the site with this gate, and we made our way back along a road called Cardo Maximus.

It must have been amazing to see all these structures back when they were still functional.

Along the Cardo Maximus are more temples and churches flanked by many, many columns.

The road "ends" at the Forum Cardo

After exiting through the giftshop / crafts market, we had to find our way back to Amman. We got hot-potatoed between a couple of minibuses, but eventually ended up on one that went directly to the North Bus Station.

From there I managed to order an Uber that was just dropping a person off just 5 meters from where I was standing, said goodbye to my friend for the day, and went back to the Hotel. After making the daily backup of photo's I went out for traditional Jordan dinner.

I made another lap through the neighbourhood of my hotel, got some coffee, climed down the endless stairs and called it a night.