After another delicious breakfast, I set off to the rental car company. They upgraded me from a plain sedan to a Hybrid, which came in handy later on.


There are three ways to get from Amman to Petra; one is the Dead Sea highway. The name should be pretty self-explanatory.

The second one is the Desert Highway, which is the fastest way between the two places and the most boring since it runs through the desert.

The final road is the King's Highway, a road that has been followed before Jesus Christ was born. It's also the longest road and winds through valleys and small towns.

Kerak Castle

Kerak is a large crusader castle, and its construction began in the 1140s. Over time it changed hands a couple of times, and each new owner built new addons to the place.

It's not super well maintained, but you can explore freely, including the inside.

Road to Petra

After Kerak, it was still a good 2 hours to the hotel near Petra, and daylight was fading quickly. The Jordan landscape at sunset is fantastic.