It's another early day today, I had to be in Wadi Rum Village around 09:00, and with a two-hour drive, that meant getting up at 06:30.

Almost exactly on time, I arrived in Wadi Rum village to meet my driver for the day. He'll take me through Wadi Rum in a 4x4.

These photos were taken from half-way up a mountain, next to a local spring that emits water throughout the year.

Next up was this sand dune where you can jump, roll, or snowboard off with my previous snowboard attempt fresh in my mind (broken wrist). I opted just to walk up and down. The sand feels amazing on bare feet, if slightly hot.

Opposite the sand dunes were inscriptions into the wall that told early nomads where to go, they were used by caravans bringing food to the bedouins.

As we made our way into the desert, the views became more and more impressive.

Our side-quest of the day was to find the camels of my driver. They are free to roam the country, but there's a place where they are guaranteed to have food and water.

Luckily camels are loud, and with the deafening silence in the reservation, you can hear them from miles away.

After feeding them some snacks and a quick inspection of the ropes, we sent them on their way to the watering place.

The ropes between the front legs are there to prevent the camels from wandering around too much. In the past, they frequently crossed the border with Saudi Arabia, where the police caught and sold them.

After a delicious lunch, we went further into the desert.

Mushroom Rock

One of the stopping points was Mushroom Rock, named as such because well.... it looks like one.

After a picture of me on an arch, we headed to a canyon where you walk through. (Well, I did, my driver drove around to the other side and took a nap).

And with that walk, we were nearing sunset, which meant the end of a long day.