Day two

Written by:Matsimitsu(Robert Beekman)MatsimitsuRobert Beekman

After sitting on an airplane for numerous hours yesterday, it was time to stretch my legs. I took the subway to a nearby mountain called "Gyeyangsan."

But only after stopping off at a convenience store to get some drinks and snacks on the way.

The weather was kind of hazy, so the views were not too distant. But between the shrubs, you could see parts of Incheon.

On the last stretch to the top, I caught up with some locals ahead, and we had a nice little chat making our way to the top.

After descending on the other side, I took the subway to the city center...

...through a deserted park,

art village,

and Chinatown, down to the railway station.

I was not there for a train, though, but the monorail to Wolmido. (These are decorated grain silo’s btw).

Now, a cold, windy, random Tuesday in March is probably not the best time to visit a seaside attraction, but I'm here now, so after riding the monorail around the island, I stopped off at a random station and explored the island on foot.

There are a couple of lookouts on the island, providing views of Incheon and its surroundings.

Another attraction are the two "theme parks", consisting of carnival rides. The most famous of them is the "Disco Pang Pang," which is part ride and part the operator roasting anyone who dares to ride it.

(This is from a popular proposal spot btw, it says: “Will you marry me”)



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