Day eleven - twelve

I picked the best day for the hike yesterday, as it was raining for most of today. I opted to visit a couple of museums, none of wich allowed photo’s, but were great to see.

The first one was the "Seoul City Museum", showing a timeline of the first settlement to what Seoul has become today, including a huge diorama of the city, pretty cool!

I then had some delicious Gimbab and Teokbokki (spice rice cakes) for lunch.

Still raining, I wanted to do some shopping at Seoul station, but quickly grew bored of that, so headed to the next destination.

The second museum was the "National Museum of Korea”, doing the same thing, but for the entire country. This plage is huge (and free), and besides the history of Korea on the first floor, has additional floors showing relics from other countries such as China and Italy. This place is well worth a visit.

Day Twelve

The next day I had to switch hotels to a different area of Seoul, closer to the airport. After dropping the bag, I had BiBimBap at the station.

The weather still wasn’t great so I opted for another museum, the "War and Women's Human Rights Museum”, which is about the use of comfort women by the Japanese during the Second World War.

It’s absolutely horrible to learn more about the subject and the utter lack of Apology from the Japanese government on the subject.

With plenty of time left, I decided to walk back instead of taking the metro, through the Yangpyeong area, along the river.