Day One

The flight to Beijing took off around 20:30, which meant I had plenty of time to get my house in order, take the train to the airport, and lounge around a bit before my flight.

The flight was uneventful; I had dinner, slept, had breakfast, and landed 9 hours later in Beijing. (I flew with China Southern, which can fly over Russia, so it takes much less time than with a European airline, which has to go around the south).

I landed at the newly built Beijing Daxing airport. They're still in the process of moving flights over from the other airport, and there aren't many international flights at the moment.

Beijing ShiChina39.905/116.39139

Beijing Shi

The airport is beautiful, though! There are plenty of places to relax and too many bathrooms to count.

They even had an on-site shrine.

They also have a policy that any establishment at the airport must maintain the same prices as in the city, meaning no price-gauged dinner. (Looking at you, Schiphol airport, charging 9 euros for a simple sandwich is just plain evil).

A few hours later, I was on my flight to Seoul, where I again spent sleeping and eating the small meal provided.

I booked my hotel two subway stops away from the airport, and after the 1-hour long immigration queue, I was at the hotel around midnight.

Check-in was automated; you put in your details, and the machine spits out a keycard for your room. Pretty neat!

There are plenty of restaurants open 24/7 in Korea, so I could head out for a late dinner (BibimBab) at two in the morning before heading to bed.