Day Four

Haw Par Villa is a former amusement park that is now free for the public to visit. It displays a number of Chinese tales about good and evil with puppets. Part of the park is a tunnel with the 10 stages of hell a bad person has to go through.

The characters are completely random and vary between rabbits, people and bears.

The park is really strange and most parts are badly maintained.

Fortunately they started restoring the park by re-painting all the displays.

After the park we headed back to the subway to go to Sentosa Island.

This the entertainment island with Universal studios, beaches, water parks and pretty much every other form of entertainment you can imagine.

We settled with just visiting the beach. In the background you can see hundreds of ships anchored, waiting for a job. On the other side of the cable car is Mount Faber. It offers a nice view of the city.

The evening was setting in, it was time for our final evening in Singapore. We headed to the Gardens at the Bay, a giant park near the waterfront. One of the attractions is an indoor "Cloud walk" where you walk down a giant mountain covered with plants.

Outside are the most know features of the park, Giant towers covered in plants and emitting lights. You can take a skywalk between the towers, but we got there too late to buy tickets. Fortunatley a nice man approached us and gave his tickets so we were the last to take the walk that day.

We ended the day in our home-base, Chinatown, with a nice drink.