Day Two

Written by:Matsimitsu(Robert Beekman)MatsimitsuRobert Beekman

After an amazing night of sleep, we woke up for our included breakfast (also amazing!) and headed to the shuttle bus stop for our second day of Theme parks.

Our first stop was Ferrari World, an indoor theme park centered around... you guessed it, Ferrari!

This park had a staggered opening because of the low amount of visitors (it's outside of tourist season, as it's peak summer, which is generally way too hot to do anything here).

Our first ride was a launch coaster that sends you up outside, through the center of the park. A nice way to start the day, being blasted into the 40-degree heat and then sucked back again into the air-conditioned hall.

The second coaster was a racing one, but only one side was working, again, because we were pretty much the only ones there. This coaster was quite boring, as it had four launches but nothing else, really. No twists, no turns, no banked corners (ouch!), and no inversions. On busy days, this would have an hour-long wait, which is not worth it!

We had to wait for the other coasters to open, so we did a few simulator rides of varying quality. It's nice to keep you busy, but it's not worth it when the queue is anything above 10 minutes.

What was worth it was "Flying Aces," an outdoor coaster that was one of the best in the park. The theming in the queue is amazing as you descend into the Italian countryside to experience the life of a World War One flying ace.

The final coaster was "Mission Ferrari," a one-off SFX coaster by Dynamic Attractions, which went bankrupt trying to get this thing to work (It took 10!! years).

It's hard to describe what this thing is; it's a motion simulator, a roller coaster, and it has some fun surprises in store. (See an onboard video here, but warning: spoilers!).

The queue was short, so we did it twice, and then the headache started to kick in, so we decided to leave Ferrari World for what it was and headed across the street to Yas Water World.

No phones were allowed in this park (though ignored by many, just not us), so no photos, but since it was a Saturday, it was extremely busy, and there were hour-long queues for the slides.

We adopted a regime of lathering ourselves with sunscreen, queueing for a slide, going down the slide, and repeating step one.

The slides were really fun, though! And we did manage to do the two water coasters, where water jets propel you up the slope for an extended ride down the slide.

The evening was approaching, and we returned to the hotel, where we took a Taxi to our next hotel, The Millenium Place in Dubai.

This was near the marina, home to many Japanese restaurants, so we had Tonkatsu Curry, as one should.



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