Day Four

Written by:Matsimitsu(Robert Beekman)MatsimitsuRobert Beekman

Today, it was time for a change of pace, and we headed to the Aquaventure Waterpark.

This waterpark is amazing and one of the best things we did on this trip.

As with the other park, you shouldn't use your phone, and since mine wasn't water-proof, and I didn't want to pay whatever it was for a water-proof bag, we just left it at our seat and enjoyed the park.

There are three towers with slides, and we started with the newest and furthest from the entrance. Besides two water coasters, there was a waterslide with a looping, which we did because there was no queue. You stand in a cubicle, and the floor breaks away, sending you down the tube. You don't really notice the loop, as you're mostly busy trying to make sense of what the fuck is happening before you're spit out at the end. (It's cooler than I describe :P)

The next tower has a bunch of longer slides and a couple of water coasters where water jets propel you along for a longer ride. These also had a longer queue as the park was starting to get more crowded with people.

Fun fact, the pavement is so hot that they give you free water shoes to prevent your feet from burning.

The last tower had a few more water coaters that expelled you into a lazy river that also had occasional rapids. A whole loop takes about an hour, and it's an incredible, chill way to get through the park.

It was now in the afternoon, and it was time to head back to the hotel; we started to get burned slightly, despite our regular lathering of sunscreen.

In the evening, we made our way to the Dubai Mall for dinner (Chinese food and egg tarts!).

And waited for the Burj Khalifa water fountain show.



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