Trail run

I signed up for a trail run a few weeks ago and this morning it was time to start running in a forest. The run consists of three separate loops (green, blue, red), each about 7.5-8 Kilometers in length. The start/finish of all three loops is at the same place, and you can also get water/energy drinks and snacks there (bananas, sweets, crackers, nuts etc.).

Originally, I planned to do one loop, as I hadn’t been able to train all that much, and I trained for 7.5K. But after the first loop I felt great and had enough energy to do the second (blue) loop. I was there with two friends who planned to do two loops from the beginning, so I joined them for the second loop.

After the second loop,and this was already the furthest I’ve ever run in a single session (15K), they wanted to do the third (red) loop as well. I wasn’t sure if I’d make it, but I figured I could always just stop and walk back if I needed to.

And that’s how I managed to do a 24K run today.

Hopefully I won’t regret this tomorrow or the next week.

[update] I haven’t regretted it! Apart from some muscle aches I’m fine!