After arriving in Baton Rouge late in the afternoon we decided to head to the Mall and go see Interstellar in IMAX.

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The next day we headed to Houston for our second NASA visit to the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center.

This space center is a lot more compact in comparison with Cape Canaveral, the main attraction is a set of tram tours around the NASA complex.

The droid above is being developed to help out on the International Space Station, its hands can turn a single page in a book and it can move around freely in the space station.

This is a Saturn V Rocket, used on the Apollo missions.

Other displays included the first American space station, Skylab

Finally we took a tram tour to the new Mission Control where future manned missions in space will be... controlled

On the top screens in the front you can see the "old" Mission Control in the next room where employees communicate with the ISS.