Day one

We arrived at Krakow Airport (KRK) in the evening and made our way to the arrivals hall where we ordered an Uber to our hotel in Zator.



Zator is a small town near Energylandia, a relatively new (six years old) themepark built in the south of Poland with as of writing no less than 17! rollercoasters and over a hundred attractions in total (not including food, as that would bring it to 200).

The park is subsidised by the European union as are other projects in the south of Poland.

In the past few years they've been migrating from a generic themepark to more themed areas like in Disneyland or Universal Studios and the results are amazing.

Day one, Schiphol, Netherlands

Flying with our favorite airline, Lufthansa, we were stuffed into a tiny CRJ-900 for our flight to Munich, where we would transfer into a bigger A320 to Krakow.

Thanks to the magic of the Internet we got an Uber to our hotel, which took a nice relaxing ferry along the way. (This did not amuse our driver).

We ended our first night with Beer, Dumplings an pizza and a scary 3Km walk down a creepy road to the hotel in the middle-of-nowhere.

Day two: Energylandia, Poland

We were in doubt wether to go to the park today or go to another destination first, because of the predicted rain. It was predicted to rain so bad that we each got a text alert on our phone from the government about the rainfall that would fall this day.

We decided to go anyway, since we knew for sure that tomorrow would be sunny so we could catch up on any rides we missed today.

The first coaster of the day was an Intamin Hypercoaster called Hyperion, which takes you to a height of 77 meters and drops you to the ground at 142 kilometer an hour which exposes you to forces of up to 4.8G.

After this excellent wake-up ride we headed to the "wooden" coaster, built by Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC), who are famous for converting old wooden coasters to amazing new rides.

This one was built from scratch and is one of the best coasters there is.

The latest themed area, completed just a couple of weeks ago is Aqualantis, where the Abyssus double-launched coaster lives.

This one is built by Vekoma a Dutch company known for their not-so-great coasters in the past, but they've improved a ton in the past few years.

The Aqualantis area is home to a few other rides and restaurants. Among these is a Vekoma Boomerang coaster that, (we think) they got for free with Abyssus..

Interestingly another Vekoma coaster in this park is called Formula 1 and is a prototype for the Abyssus coaster.

With the famous 4 out of the way we got to explore the rest of the park, including many other coasters, rides and a stunt-show.

In-all the first day was a great success, the queue times for pretty much every ride was 0 minutes. I think the longest we waited was 10 minutes for the Formula 1 coasters. The rides such as Hyperion and Zadra, we got ot re-ride instantly a couple of times, thanks to short-cuts in the queue.

Day three: Energylandia, Poland

Our second day in Energylandia, this time with beautiful 20 degrees weather and sunshine.

Aparently the rest of Poland also got this message and the 0-minute queue times from yesterday were no more. The shortest we waited today was 30 minutes and the longest 80 minutes....

We were so glad we were in this park Yesterday to do most of the rides, as with the amount of people in the park today, we just managed to do 6 rides.

The day ended with delicious Italian food and cheesecake.