Day five-six

Legendia is a small-ish themepark in/near Katowice and in recent years there have been investments in the park, resulting in a few new rides.

Arriving at 10:10, we were pretty much the only people in the entire park.

After a lap through the park we rode the main attraction, Lech Coaster, a new Vekoma model.

The queue time everywhere was 0 minutes and we could even swap between the back seats and front seats without having to go through the queue again, pretty neat!

There was also this russian-made coaster that required at least 3 people per car, otherwise it wouldn't make it to the lift-hill. Luckily for us one of the operators was so kind to accompany us, so we could ride the coaster.

Most of the other atractions were a mix of super-old rides such as this one, from the 1950's and newer, well-themed rides.

All the rides to make it a great park are there, you have your log-flume, river rapids, a nice coaster and lots of smaller rides for kids. I'm curious to see how this park will develop over the years.


After spending a couple of hours (and many rides on Lech coaster) in the park, we headed for the exit.

There was a cable-car running through the park, but it actually starts outside and goes along the huge park surrounding Legendia.

It's weird having this brand-new cable car going through a park that has seen better days.

Though, other parts have been renovated and are quite nice.

From the park we headed back to the hotel along a... well lets say lets touristy area.