Day Five


After an early rise and a hearty breakfast, it was time for the main event of this trip, Petra!



The thing most people to Petra for is the first attraction you'll come across after exiting the Siq, a narrow alleyway. It's called Al-Khazneh or the Treasury.

20211005-02518 20211005-02525

But Petra has so much more to offer if you follow the path deeper into the park.

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Along the way, you'll get asked if you want to ride a Donkey or Camel to the various attractions.

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Qasr al-Bint

The path leads past the Nymphaeum and the Grand Temple to Qasr al-Bint, a religious temple.

20211005-02557 20211005-02563
20211005-02588 20211005-02590


Al the way in the back of the park, about an hour's hike away, stands another impressive structure called ad-Deir.


But first, you have to climb your way up.

20211005-02608 20211005-02604
20211005-02616 20211005-02619

ad-Deir, the Monastery, is another structure carved from the rocks, and it looks similar to the Treasury

20211005-02641 20211005-02653

You can find a couple of incredible viewpoints of the surrounding mountains around the Monastery.

20211005-02657 20211005-02663

It was time to head back down; there were still many items on the to-do list.

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High place of sacrifice trail

The park features several trails, and most people take either the High place of sacrifice trail that leads you to a viewpoint of almost the entire park or the Al-Khubtha Trail, which leads to an outlook of the Treasury.

I opted for the High place of sacrifice trail first, as it's an alternative route back to the beginning of the park.

20211005-02681 20211005-02688
20211005-02692 20211005-02703

The route starts fairly easy, but you'll have to climb the rock wall on tiny stairs after half an hour. You'll get rewarded with epic views along the way.

20211005-02720 20211005-02721

High place of sacrifice

Better described as the top, it gives excellent views of the Petra area. Unfortunately, you'll have to get back down.

20211005-02728 20211005-02730

Royal Tombs

The Royal Tombs consist of a line of prominent monumental facades.

20211005-02753 20211005-02751

Al-Khubtha Trail

With an hour to spare before the park closes, I decided to walk the Al-Khubtha Trail. According to the map, it should take 2.5-3 hours. I managed to go there and back again (including a drink) in just over an hour.

This trail gives you the best view of the Treasury, but it comes at the cost of 2 Dinar for a compulsory consumption at the viewpoint. I think the view is worth it, though!

20211005-02783 20211005-02791

Back to the entrance

With feet hurting (I did about 40.000 steps today) and sweaty all over, I made my way back to the town for dinner, shower, and a good night's rest.


But not before taking a quick look back at the amazing Petra views.

20211005-02824 20211005-02835
20211005-02845 20211005-02855