Day Three - Eleven

The rest of the trip was spent in an all-inclusive resort in Antalya, Turkey.

The flight over was bang on time and at the Antalya Airport, a van was waiting to bring me to the resort. I arrived a day early and spent most of the time resting from the days before.




We did venture out into the nearby town, Kemer, to do some shopping.

Göynük Canyon

One of the excursions was a trip to Göynük Canyon, where you could either take a raft up the canyon, or do “body rafting”, a fancy word for swimming.

The water was freezing cold, but “body rafting" sounded cooler, so I did just that.


Phaselis is an old Greek city, a couple of kilometers south of Kemer. We rented a Yacht for the day to visit the site, and a small boat brought us on shore to visit the city.

One gets used quite quickly to the convenience of an all-inclusive resort, and most other days were spent swimming in the sea or pool, and lounging about.

After a week it was time to head back home. The plan was to spend a day in Antalya to visit some sites there, but the hot weather, and late checkout in the resort meant that I mostly just traveled to the city to get to the Hotel.

The flight left at 0700 the next morning, and a car would pick me up at 0400, if not for the fact that, despite three separate alarms, I woke up at 04:25.

Powered by adrenaline I got dressed, got some cash out of a nearby ATM and asked the hotel to get me a taxi to the airport.

Luckily I planned ahead and got a hotel close to the airport, so I made it in time for the flight back.

The flight from Instanbul to Amsterdam was delayed a bit, but the exit row seat made up for the inconvenience.