France 2022



After two missed seasons due to Covid, we were finally back on the slopes, well, almost. First a 10-hour drive through The Netherlands, Germany, Swiss and finally France, we reached our apartment near Châtel, France had to be made.

Luckily traffic was light and progress was fast.

Day one - Saharan sand

On the first day we had Saharan sand blowing over the mountains, this made the mountains a lot more gloomy than I remembered. It was only after getting back to the apartment we learned the reason.

Luckily the Saharan sand did not influence the taste of beer.

Day two

With the sand from the air, the mountains looked a lot more like I remembered. The deposited sand on the slopes did make it obvious no fresh snow had fallen that night.

A good lunch is important.

Day three

The nice thing about longer ski-trips is that you don't _have_ to go every day, you can skip a day if you feel like it. Today the crew was just 4 out of 6

Day four

There were just two of us today with two more people staying in. Not that it mattered, the clouds were so thick, you couldn't see each other anyway.

Day five

The last day, with a full crew.