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  • Macbook Pro 2020 13”. One of the worst MacBooks I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning. It gets hot and drains the battery at random moments (nothing in activity monitor). USB-C stops working at random moments (won’t charge, nor detect new devices plugged in) and the touchpad is horrible to use in warm weather/with sweatty hands. I wish I’d never given away my 2013 MacBook Pro 13”.

  • Keychron K1 keyboard. A good replacement for the legacy Apple keyboard that stopped working after one too many coffee spills. It’s mechanical, but low profile.

  • Logitech G502 mouse. A gamer mouse with weights you can add… Don’t really care about that, but it fits nicely in my hand.

  • LG 34wn80c curved 34” wide-screen monitor. Uses USB-C and can charge my MacBook, only one cable is connected to my MacBook and I have power, screen and a USB hub that connects my mouse and keyboard. It has room for many terminal splits which is amazing.

  • Herman Miller Mirra (V1) office chair. Bought the (refurbished V1’s) from my old job and now have 2, one at home and one at the office. One of the best chairs I’ve owned and they are still as new, while being more than eight years old.

  • Google Pixel 4 phone, an upgrade from my previous Xiaomi Mi4i. It has great battery life and the virtual Sim with up to 10 profiles is great when traveling.

  • Boundary Supply Prima System backpack to carry it all. A nice backpack that has a camera insert for photograpy gear that can be removed if it isn’t needed. Plenty of space for daily groceries and a separate sleeve compartment for the laptop and documents.

  • Wandrd prvke backpack has become my go-to travel pack. The Prima System has been demoted to my daily carrier, because the prvke is so much lighter and has more space for my A7 camera and (big) lenses.


  • VS Code is my text editor of choice. It all started with Textmate (first seen by me in the famous 15 minute blog video by DHH and the reason for buying Mac). Next was Sublime text 2 and finally VS code with the RailsCasts color theme that I’ve been using since Textmate times.

  • Iterm2. The terminal that had tabs before the native OSX terminal had them. Never stopped using it. I use the default zsh “robbyrussell” theme.

  • iA Writer. For taking notes in Markdown and writing blogposts / documentation and work/personal todo’s.

  • Backups go to BackBlaze.. (Raw) photos from my trips, important files etc, all of it goes to Backblaze B2 (their AWS clone, I’m not using the consumer backup service), synced with Rclone.

  • For work I mostly have the Basecamp and Slack apps open. Whatsapp is used for personal communication with friends and family. Other tools used for work are Docker, Figma and CocoaRestClient. Suprisingly how few apps I have on this MacBook now that I think of it.


  • Svelte Kit powers the most recent version of this site. Before that it was powered by Middleman.

  • I’m using the Tailwind CSS framework. I’m not a designer (and it shows ;)) and Tailwind allows me to make everything look somewhat consistent without a lot of effort.

  • This site is hosted on Vercel. A great platform to host your static sites.

  • GitHub hosts the code. You can view the source of this site on

  • Contabo hosts a “cms” (if you can call it that) for this site that accepts photo’s/videos and resizes/encodes them in the required formats, among with the latest image encoding technique called Avif. My plan is to expand this to a more personal-api kind of app that can also handle webmentions and exposes other endpoints for me to easily update my site, for example an endpoint for IA Writer, or something that pulls in social media feeds.

  • Scaleway Hosts the resized photo’s videos in an S3-compatible object store and acts as the CDN. (This used to be S3 and Cloudfront, but I’m trying to move away from the predatory company that is Amazon.)