Day twelve - fifteen

Mexican Border and San Diego

Instead of heading up to Yosemite National Park from Death valley, we made a little detour, the opposite way, towards the Mexican border.

The Mexican border Farm in southern California

Junkyard / Old car museum

While driving along the border we noticed what looked like Junkyard, but it had a welcome sign so we obliged.

Turns out it was a car museum of sorts where they restored old cards from the 20's-70's, they had some really cool vehicles there. With not much else planned for the day we wandered around there for an hour or so.

Hood ornament
Junkyard Stop Vacuum
Richfield tanker
Old truck Windshield with bullet holes
Old army jeep

San Diego

After the Junkyard we made our way to San Diego, where the Pacific Ocean and the Mexican border meet.

We had a hotel downtown with a view of the aircraft carrier USS Midway. We booked the hotel on Priceline and it was waaay to fancy for two slipper and shorts wearing people.

We explored down-town San Diego, especially the bars..

It was the first (and last!) hangover I've ever had on a trip. That day we went to SeaWorld wich was super busy, not great with a ringing headache.

San Diego Las Vegas San Francisco Los Angeles
View of the USS Midway in San Diego
Shot on an old phone, hence the lack of quality.


SeaWorld was pretty nice, we got a tip from an employee about which order to watch the various shows through the day, as they all reference eachother with jokes that only make sense in that order.

Seaworld San Diego show Sharps Secure Needle holder

That evening we did not explore the bars of San Diego, but did some nessecary laundry, which made for nice room decorations. Oh the glamour of road-tripping.

Shot on an old phone, hence the lack of quality.