Day Eight

Exploring to Taipei

Zhongshan District

I had no real plan for this day, it was a nice Saturday with a lot of sun. I picked a random station and headed there to explore the neighbourhood.


It was near the airport located in the city where you can see planes taking off and landing up close.


During this trip I felt some range missing from my lenses. I have a 12mm lens and a 30mm lens. In theory great for street photography, but to get the framing I wanted I needed to move close and that usually caused people to look at the camera.

DSC00771 DSC00775

Time for a new lens and after a short research session I settled on the Sigma 60mm, which fortunately was sold by a shop near the hotel.


National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

What way to test the lens better than one of the most famous spots in Taiwan, the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall.

DSC00795 DSC00785

There was hardly anyone on the square and the buildings were really well lit.

DSC00825 DSC00829

From the square I walked a random direction through the surrounding neighbourhoods for another couple of hours before calling it a day.

DSC00830 DSC00831
DSC00836 DSC00846