Wandering around Tokyo

Along the Yamanote Line

Late last night I discovered that I had forgotten to bring a converter plug and a usb charger, meaning I had no way to charge either my Macbook, Phone or Camera so today's mission was to sort this issue out.


This is some kind of vertical factory where they recycle cartboard and paper, the guy was throwing cartboard boxes in a shredder embedded in the ground.

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Tokyo Station

Meanwhile it was lunchtime and the office towers surrounding Tokyo station emptied out into the streets with people looking for food.

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Even the Tokyo station windows need cleaning.


After relaxing in a park the Jetlag kicked in and I headed back to the hotel to try the cheap extension cable that should solve my charging issues.

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After a quick nap at the hotel it was time for dinner, Tonkatso Curry at CoCo's Ichibanya curry house.