Aqua Park


With rain predicted yet again I looked for something indoors to do, one of the recommended things to do was the Maxell Aqua Park in Shinagawa. After breakfast I made my way over there, but not before stopping at Yodobashi Camera to browse around. For European people it's like a MediaMarkt, but then imagine seven of those stacked on top of eachother with the most weird stuff you can imagine, like a ton of storm troopers.


Maxell Aqua Park

After lunch (noodles) I headed to the Aquarium. It also features an indoor carousel.

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After a display of jellyfish you were lead to a show arena where a dolphin show was about to start.

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From there you entered a "Jungle" area with losts of lizzardy creatures.

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Finally there was a tunnel where you could walk through a tank filled with.. fish.


Time to get some dinner.

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