Saturday in Tokyo

Koishikawa Botanical Garden - Ueno station area

In most previous trips I started the day early and was tired around dinner, but this time I want to explore the city by night more so I took it easy today and set out around lunch, which was a sandwich and coffee at Doutor, a cafe chain.

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Koishikawa Botanical Garden

After lunch I headed to a nearby park to relax a bit and enjoy the sun.

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I wasn't the only one :)

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Near the park you could hear music in the distance and I decided to check it out. It was a small festival with traditional musicians playing modern music.


Ueno Station

Around four-ish I headed back to the hotel to process some photo's before heading out to Ueno station in the evening where I walked along the train tracks.

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By this time people where gathering for dinner in many of the small restaurants under the train line.

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Working up an apetite for myself I headed back to "my station" to try out a local noodle shop.

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