Mt. Mitake

A beautiful hike in fog and rain.

Today was another rainy day, time to venture out into the wild, hopefully the trees provide some rain cover.


Mt. Mitake

After nearly three hours on the train I arrived at the base of the Mitaketozan Cable car.

Mt. Mitke is a bit away from the city and on this foggy and rainy day there weren't a lot of people around.

The cable car is the best way up the mountain.

Mt. Mitake Tokyo
DSC08043 DSC08044

The cable car takes us up the mountain, where I encounter a temple (what else ;)).


The details in the stairs are really cool.

DSC08065 DSC08066
DSC08067 DSC08070

There weren't a lot of other people around, combined with the fog and rain it made for a very eerie feeling.

DSC08075 DSC08077

The nature is beautiful, with the fall colors coming in.

DSC08082 DSC08103 DSC08132 DSC08131

On mt. Mitake there are a number of water falls. Some of them are sacred and used by monks to train under them.

DSC08134 DSC08143
DSC08187 DSC08188

After half a day I made it back to civilisation. Be sure to check the cable car times, as you'll have to hike down yourself after the final departue.

DSC08195 DSC08206

It was already getting dark and after the 3 hour train ride back it was a quick dinner and straight to bed.