Netherlands & Germany 2020

With travel restrictions still in full effect, it was time to think outside of the box. We could still travel to Germany and there happen to be a lot of great themeparks there...

Themepark Trip

We started in a Dutch themepark, Toverland which just opened a new coaster.

We then proceeded to Holiday Park, a smaller family park and then continued to the biggest park on the trip, Europapark. This was also the most southern point of the trip.

On our way backup up we came across Tripsdrill, a former vineyard.

Getting closer to The Netherlands, we visited Phantasialand probably the best themed park of the ones we visited. And finally Moviepark, before returning home.

Toverland Holiday Park Europapark Tripsdrill Phantasialand Moviepark

Toverland, Netherlands

Disclaimer, this entire trip was shot with a relative crappy phonecam. First up was Toverland, a relatively small Dutch themepark that recently expanded with a new entrance area and a pretty awesome coaster.


Toverland started as a childrens playground and slowly expanded to the park it is today. With 3 coasters, and the standard logflume/rapid river you can certainly spend at least half a day in the park if it isn't too busy.

20200918-IMG_20200918_112747 20200918-IMG_20200918_124944

The food was pretty good as well, with a nice pulled pork sandwich.


Their latest addition is a wing coaster that opened in 2018, which has an amazing ride!


Mannheim, Germany

After Toverland we took a day to drive to Holiday Park in Germany, which is located near Mannheim, where we spend the rest of the Saturday afternoon exploring the city center and Luisenpark, a very nice park to drink a beer or two.


Luckily for me, I was still able to fill the "Temple quota" of at least one this trip.

20200919-IMG_20200919_153809 20200919-IMG_20200919_165526 20200919-IMG_20200919_170540

After dinner we explored the town some more and went to bed, ready for the next day.


Holiday Park, Germany

The first coaster of the day was Expedition GeForce, an Intamin steal coaster that reaches speeds of upto 120 kilometres per hour. It's comparable to "Goliath" in Waliby Holland, but has much better airtime.


We took our time wandering around the park and explored the recently renovated (in Dinosaur theme) river rapids.

20200920-IMG_20200920_110911 20200920-IMG_20200920_110934

The second coaster was the Sky Scream, a launched full-loop coaster that was suprisingly fun!


After exploring the park a bit more we drove to our next destination:

Europapark, Germany

The "main attraction" of the trip, and ironically also the one with the least photos, as we were to busy making the most of our two days here.

20200921-IMG_20200921_091912 20200921-IMG_20200921_101159 20200921-IMG_20200921_123327

When planning this trip we were slightly worried about the food in the parks, from what we could remember it used to consist mostly of pretty bad fries and typical German staples such as Schnitzel. And I must say that for almost all parks we were plesantly suprised by the quality of the food. This burger in Europapark was delicious. 20200922-IMG_20200922_130903

To compensate for all the park food, we opted to eat slightly "healthier" food outside of the parks during dinner.


Tripsdrill, Germany

After Europapark it was time for the weirdest park of the trip. The theme throughout the park is "Germany" and originally it used to be a winery/restaurant. It is Germany's oldest amusement park and is still owned and managed by the same family.

20200923-IMG_20200923_092050 20200923-IMG_20200923_100542

A lot of investments were made into the park recently and the coaster count was boosted significantly.

20200923-IMG_20200923_101431 20200923-IMG_20200923_104141

The layout of the park is slightly confusing and there's a huge patch of grassland in the middle that doesn't seem to be used for anything. But the rides were really nice and the theming was quite good, compared to Holiday Park for example. I'd definitely recommend going here if you are in the neighbourhood.


Technik Museum Sinsheim

On our second travel day it was supposed to rain a lot and we didn't feel like exploring a city in the rain (Köln), and on our way to Tripsdrill we noticed a Concorde and a Tupolev Tu-144 perched on a rooftop. We decided to check it out.


Technik Museum Sinsheim is the largest private museum in Europe that receives over 1 million visitors per year. There are two main halls filled to the brim with either World War Two gear, or (classic) cars.

20200924-IMG_20200924_105658 20200924-IMG_20200924_110000
20200924-IMG_20200924_114559 20200924-IMG_20200924_122848

A nice suprise when we got to the roof was that you could access both the Concorde and it's Russian counterpart the Tupolev Tu-144. Compared to modern aircraft both were very claustrofobic and I would not have enjoyed a trip in either of them.

20200924-IMG_20200924_123535 20200924-IMG_20200924_124134

Food-wise we wanted to eat at a highly recommended Asian restaurant in Köln, but it was aparently out of business, so we went with the next best thing (and closest ;)) instead, Burrito's.


Phantasialand, Germany

We couldn't believe our luck, just 2 days before we were at the park, Phantasialand soft-opened their newest coaster for the public: F.L.Y. The first launched flying coaster in the world.

The area the coster was in opened at noon, and to fill the time we went around and rode all the other coasters (and water rides) first, starting with Taron.


Around noon we entered the Queue for Rookburgh, the area that F.L.Y was located at and after about an hour the line started moving. The coaster is amazing and the loading system is super inventive.

20200925-IMG_20200925_150432 20200925-IMG_20200925_172613

After two rides we decided to go for lunch and had one of the best burgers I've ever had. If you are in Phantasialand, definitely try the burger at the Restaurant in Rookburgh.


Since you have to queue again to get back into the area when you exit, we did a couple more re-rides and then spend the rest of the day exploring the rest of the park.


Dinner was a nice rice bowl at a local restaurant in Köln.


Moviepark, Germany

On our final day we visited Moviepark Germany, dueue to Covid, there weren't a lot of people in the park, and we were able to do everthing before 14:00 in the afternoon. Moviepark had it's best days in the past and it shows, there are a lot of places that could use a lick of paint or general fix-ups. The restaurant staff was supposed to open one of the few places you could eat at noon, but they did't arrive till half an hour later, the resulting burger wasn't that good either.

After all the amazing parks we visited in the past week it was a bit of a let-down. Word is there are new investments coming to the park, so lets hope they can give it some new life in the coming years.


If you want to see better photos and more detailed stories, go visit the Travel blog of Onno Groen, who accompanied me once again on this trip.