Day Twenty - Twenty-five

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai, Thailand

It's been a week since I've flown to Chiang Mai in the northern part of Thailand.

The goal was to find a nice hotel and a co-working space to work together with my colleague in Thailand for the next couple of weeks.

Before and after work, we wandered around the city, but taking photos was not really a priority, so the amount of photos taken this week is relatively low.

Here's a collection of what I encountered this week.

Chiang Mai
20220523-04514 20220523-04516

Around the various squares in the city, you can find the skater-youth performing tricks.

20220523-04528 20220523-04523
20220523-04543 20220523-04531
20220523-04557 20220523-04558

One night, after a long day of work, we headed to the north of the city center to scout out a nice area where we'll maybe book a hotel room for a couple of days.

20220525-04561 20220525-04568
20220525-04570 20220525-04572 20220525-04574

The next day, I visted a temple, only to realise half-way through that I'd seen it before on the last trip. D'oh!

20220526-04578 20220526-04582
20220526-04583 20220526-04584
20220526-04597 20220526-04593

Street food is everywhere in the city. From "food trucks", to little carts and stalls to road-side huts, and they all have one thing in common, it's probably delicious!

20220526-04599 20220526-04600

One day, on my way back from the co-working space, the central square was cordoned off, and a gathering took place.

20220526-04602 20220526-04608

On another nightly wander around the city we visited yet another nightmarket. (There are many, every evening).

20220527-04624 20220527-04628
20220527-04634 20220527-04637 20220527-04656
20220527-04649 20220527-04650

On Saturday we rented a private driver and headed out of the city to do some Ziplining and visiting a few towns in the area.

We started with a visit to a botanical garden, which was nice, but it was hot :)

20220528-04660 20220528-04669

Baan Mae Kampong

After ziplining (where I didn't take photo's), we headed to Baan Mae Kampong village, for a nice lunch next to a stream.

20220528-04677 20220528-04680
20220528-04687 20220528-04682

There was a waterfall nearby.

20220528-04695 20220528-04703 20220528-04712

And on our way back we hit a local viewpoint.

20220528-04719 20220528-04729 20220528-04726