Day Twenty Six - Twenty Seven

Chiang Mai, Thailand

This is the week where things are settling down. Patterns are starting to form, and coffee shop personnel remember my order when I walk in.

Slowly but surely, things are starting to feel normal and less holiday-y. This is great from a work-focus perspective, but less so from a photography one, as everything looks "normal" now, and instead of taking a photo of something because it looks nice/cool/out of the ordinary from a Dutch perspective, it just looks like it should.

20220531-04742 20220531-04745

Rainy days

It rained this week (it's the rainy season, but so far, it hasn't been raining too much, at least not in the evening when photos look the most amazing). And this means nice reflections everywhere.


I bought this Moment Cinebloom Filter a while ago and ordered the strongest bloomy-ness.

20220531-04749 20220531-04756
20220531-04759 20220531-04753
20220531-04761 20220531-04763
20220531-04787 20220531-04778

In hindsight, I should have bought the 10% bloomy-ness instead of the 20%, as it's a bit much sometimes.

20220531-04792 20220531-04790
20220531-04770 20220531-04772

It does work out great sometimes, though!

20220531-04765 20220531-04794
20220531-04798 20220531-04799 20220531-04800

Maybe it's time to move someplace else to get the "I want to take photos" urge back.

20220531-04806 20220531-04814
20220531-04813 20220531-04816