Day Fourty Six - Fifty two

Bangkok, Thailand

Back to Bangkok

Having explored almost every inch of Chaing Mai, it's time to head back to Bangkok. Mostly because I booked this flight a while ago, so I had no choice :)

20220623-05141 20220624-05144

Art galleries

With the blistering heat every day, I was looking for more and more indoor activities to do. Art galleries are an excellent way to get out of the heat, while still getting inspiration and things to see.

20220624-05148 20220623-05142

Rain season

It's supposed to be the rain season, but until now, there has been little rain.

20220624-05155 20220624-05157
20220624-05160 20220624-05161

The bane of existence for food delivery people, waiting till the order is done.

20220624-05168 20220624-05169 20220624-05170
20220624-05184 20220624-05174
20220624-05176 20220624-05177

Last day in Bangkok

After working for a few days more, it's the last day in Bangkok. A blistering Sunday where the first "mission" of the day was to find a locker to store my bag, as I already checked out of the hotel.

This did not go as planned, as the online service I used to book a locker beforehand, managed to do that a location that did no longer exist, so I had to lug my heavy bag half-way across the city to a coin locker in the 36-degree heat. Fun times!

An abandoned locker facility
20220625-05187 20220625-05190


People who have traveled with me know I'm a sucker for back-alleys, it's where life happens. Eespecially in Asia, where homes are open to the street and everything is not locked behind front doors and closed curtains (though that's chaging rapidly with all the new apartment complexes).

20220625-05197 20220625-05202
20220625-05209 20220625-05212 20220625-05216
20220625-05218 20220625-05223
20220625-05226 20220625-05225

Art Galleries (part two)

Most of these photos were taken in Talat Noi, an area on the Menam river and I was planning to head to the dock for a water taxi a bit up the river to Chinatown.

While looking for the dock I wanted to get some bubble tea and entered what I thought was a shopping mall, but it turned out to be a 3-storey venue with art galleries and little shops with design furniture and knick-knacks.

PXL_20220625_091333833 PXL_20220625_091344479
Phone-pic compositions

I ended up bying some art for on the walls of my new house.

20220625-05249 20220625-05250
20220625-05234 20220625-05237
20220625-05247 20220625-05244
20220625-05255 20220625-05259
20220625-05254 20220625-05258

In the end, my "relaxing" last day in Bangkok was a 30.000+ step mad-dash across the city exploring a couple of neighbourhoods and a few unexpected art-gallery visits.

The day ended with a 2-hour metro trip to the domestic airport of Don Muang, where I have an early flight tomorrow to Penang, Malaysia.

20220625-05261 20220625-05269