Day Fourteen - Nineteen

Bangkok, Thailand

The week was mostly spent working, so not a whole lot of photography happened.

I did go out a few times, one time right after a rainstorm, to catch that nice reflection.

20220516-04278 20220516-04279
20220516-04287 20220516-04289

It did take about 15 minutes after taking the camera out of the bag before the lens was de-fogged.

20220516-04291 20220516-04292

On the last day in Bangkok, before heading to Chiang Mai, my colleague, who had just come over from The Netherlands, and I went for a photo walk, starting with a hipster café.

20220521-04346 20220521-04319

The contrast between old and new is always fascinating.


Chatuchak weekend market

Since it was the weekend, it only made sense to visit the Chatuchak weekend market. You can find anything here, from food to giant wooden horse sculptures and pets kept in not-so-great conditions.

20220521-04357 20220521-04347
20220521-04350 20220521-04352
20220521-04349 20220521-04362
20220521-04364 20220521-04366

It was time for lunch, also available at the market, of course.

Delicious market food
20220521-04378 20220521-04380 20220521-04381
20220521-04390 20220521-04388

Wat Arun

It's been almost two weeks without seeing a single temple, so we headed to Wat Arun, situated on the Menam river banks that cross Bangkok.

To get there, we had to take the metro and walk for a bit through lovely alleys.

20220521-04393 20220521-04395
20220521-04398 20220521-04399
20220521-04404 20220521-04407
20220521-04414 20220521-04412
20220521-04424 20220521-04425
20220521-04433 20220521-04446

Icon Siam

My colleague had to pick up some tea, which was available in the Icon Siam shopping center. To get there, we took a boat on the river.

20220521-04455 20220521-04458
20220521-04459 20220521-04464
20220521-04472 20220521-04475

Icon Siam is the newest and fanciest shopping center in Bangkok, with great views.

20220521-04484 20220521-04487 20220521-04485
20220521-04496 20220521-04497
20220521-04501 20220521-04503

Surprisingly the food is not expensive, and a Mango Sticky Rice was purchased before heading back to the hotel.

Mango Sticky Rice is life

The evening ended with Korean BBQ, delicious!

Korean BBQ also is life