Day Eight

Changi airport, Singapore

It's time say goodbye to Singapore, and head to the airport, after coffee of course.

Coffee and steamed bun
Changi Airport Vortex
Changi Airport Vortex Changi Airport Vortex

Changi Airport, its official name, has been rated the best airport several times in a row for the past few years, and their latest addition, called "The Jewel," is one of the many reasons you should arrive hours early for your flight to enjoy the scenery.

20220511-04050 20220511-04065

Changi makes this easy by allowing check-in up to 24 hours before a flight instead of the usual 3 hours. You can check your bag and explore the airport with only your carry-on backpack.

Changi Airport Vortex Changi Airport vortex

There are a million restaurants, and I picked Sateh :)

Chicken Sateh
Changi Airport Vortex

Time to board the flight to Bangkok (BKK)

Singapore Airlines to BKK
Singapore Airlines to BKK