A collection of notes and photos made by myself, and links from the web.

  1. Dangerous item

    Statistically this is the most dangerous item in my kitchen.

    (yes I did slice yet another part of my thumb off)

  2. Site updates in September

  3. Site updates in August

    • Add GPTBot to robots.text disallow list.

    • Fix scroll for pre tag.

    • Add proper error pages for 401, 404 and 500 errors.

    • Add /uses page.

    • Fix embed code for some youtube videos (rewrite watch?v= to embed/)

    • Add pagination for /notes

    • Add /health endpoint

    • Add additional instrumentation for queries

    • Improved PageSpeed score

  4. Wilmot's Warehouse

    Not only does it look like a really fun game, but the trailer is excellent too. It shows a person playing the game, instead of telling about features, very nice!

  5. Mastering Web Components

    Mastering Web Components: A Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide

    Learn step-by-step how Web Components work and how to use them. Including HTML templates, custom elements, shadow DOM, attributes, properties, and slots.

    Maybe I’ll finally understand how to write them (even though I’ve written one before).

  6. .com domain price increase

    I recently switched my domains to porkbun, and they let me know that next month, the price of a .com domain will increase and they expect it to increase for the next several years.

    Aparently, you can pay up front for up to 10 years for a .com domain, saving you from the price increase for a while.

    I just did this and up until 2023 I don’t have to worry about pricing changes.

  7. Site updates in July

  8. Now monitored by AppSignal

    Thanks to the OpenTelemetry endpoint and some Rust OpenTelemetry magic, I can now see where Axum spends its time on each request.

  9. TIC-80 Retro Fantasy Computer

    TIC-80 is an open source fantasy computer/console that’s good for small 8-bit style retro programs & games.


  10. Server

    This Odroid H3+ is now hosting this very website. With the help of as the CDN.

  11. Underwater ears everywhere

    An excellent in-depth article about the systems used to detect the sunken submarine near the titanic.

  12. Free printer

  13. A RISC-V computer inside Terraria

    Someone managed to create a fully working computer playing Pong inside the game Terraria

  14. Sunday walk

    It was supposed to rain, but it didn't.

  15. Interior

    Finally adding the last things to the living room. Still waiting for one more item, before it's "done".

  16. Evening walk

    Temperatures have finally gone down a bit to a lovely 24 degrees. Combined with a light breeze, the weather is great for an evening walk.

  17. Modern CSS in real life

    An excellent article that takes an exising page and explains how to improve it with new CSS properties such as `inline-size`,`inset-line-end` and @layer.

  18. A peek into Japan's Convenience Stores

    Ubiquitous in Japan, this article dives deeper into Convenience stores.

  19. Web Components

    Slowly getting the hang of this Web Components thing. The idea is to replace the little Javascript I have with 3-2 web components, so I can render them in the front-end, and in my CMS, knowing everything looks the same.