Hi there! My name is Robert Beekman, developer, photographer and longboarder.

I love creating scalable webapplications, created pragmatically, with both "boring" and new technologies, whatever is best suited for the job. I made the first commit to AppSignal, where I'm still happily employed. In my free time I like to travel, mainly to Asia and when I'm not abroad I regularly take my longboard out for a spin.

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Poland 2021

Visiting Energylandia in Poland


Greece 2021

With Athens turning "yellow", meaning we can travel there, but with caution, it was time to pack the bags and get on a plane for the first time in a year.

Photo of Fēnix, a roller coaster in the Toverland themepark

Germany 2020

With travel restrictions still in full effect, it was time to think outside of the box. We could still travel to Germany and there happen to be a lot of great themeparks there...